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School Mission Statement

mission statement:

Our Cascade Community supports everyone,

every day in every way, to achieve our fullest potential.

Ms. Lockhart and Mr. Talmadge standing next to a bulletin board that says "Re-Imagining the Student Experience".

Core Values: 

  • We analyze data to inform and adjust professional practices. 
  • We treat students, families, and colleagues respectfully by implementing systems of communication. 
  • We understand the difference between intent and impact.  When our words and actions cause unintentional harm to students, families, and colleagues, we commit to listening with curiosity and making repairs that strengthen relationships.
  • Staff and students use strengths to achieve rigorous academic expectations through engaging activities. 
  • We provide a positive inclusive learning environment with high expectations where all students’ needs are addressed.
  • We have growth mindsets, authentic collaboration to teach with intentionality and practice self-care.