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Classroom Environment

Thank you for helping us maintain a supportive learning environment by following these school-wide expectations.

Cell Phones

Cascade’s cell phone/electronic device policy requires a permission slip to be filled out you’re your student’s teacher. Any device brought to school must be powered off and in the student’s backpack or stored per the teacher’s plan during school hours. If students are observed using the device or if the device disrupts the classroom in any way, it will be confiscated for the day until picked up by a parent. The school is not responsible for any loss or damage to devices brought to school.

Birthdays and Celebrations

After careful consideration, we have established a birthday celebration policy for the safety of our students.

  • Parents should drop off treats at the beginning of the school day at the main office.
  • Provide one tangible item (for example, a pencil or an eraser or a sticker) or one individually served food item (for example, fruit snacks, cupcakes, etc., but NOT a full cake) per student
  • If a food item is provided, it will be passed out at the end of lunch time in the cafeteria.
  • No gift goodie bags or balloons can be shared. These items will be held in the office until dismissal.  Note that balloons are not allowed on the bus.